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My Collection of Tricks, Cheats and Glitches
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My Collection of Tricks, Cheats and Glitches

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Fast Scroll Through Credits
When the credits appear, hold down the “B” button and the credits will run through in about 15 seconds.

Skip credits:
At the Start Screen press “Select”, “UP”, and “B” [at the same time? –Editor].

In-game reset
Hold A + B + Select + Start during game play to return to the title screen.

Cut Down Grassy Areas
Once you get the HM, Cut, your pokémon can cut down grassy areas. Use Cut and it will cut a two by two area. Wild pokémon will not attack you in the area you cut.
[This is documented in a few guides and is a standard feature in other Nintendo games such as the Zelda series, but it bears repeating as it is often overlooked. –Editor]

Editor’s Note: In fact, I recently wanted to cut the grass, but couldn’t remember how to use Cut. So, in case anyone else needs a refresher or is new to the game, you need to select Cut from the pokémon’s menu that displays when you select that pokémon in the party.

Getting Pokémon
All pokémon may be downloaded from a special machine at the Pokémon Centers in New York and Japan during special events. The odds for each pokémon varies and are quite high for the secret pokémon. For example, the odds of receiving a Jirachi is 1:1000.


Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (
Missingno. and ’M Glitch
The missingno. and ’M [pronunciation: em-blok –Editor] (a.k.a. M-block) are glitches found in the Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow Game Boy games. Missingno. is an abbreviation of “missing number” (its Japanese name, ketsuban, also means “missing number”). Missingno. can appear when exploiting a glitch in Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow; as such, the glitch is often referred to as the Missingno. Glitch. They can also be forced to appear with the Mew Glitch.

Encountering or capturing a missingno. or ’M can cause strange behavior, ranging from strange glitches in a player’s Hall of Fame listing to the deletion of all a player’s stored Pokémon. Trying to transfer missingno. or ’M to another game, such as Pokémon Stadium, often also produces similar inconsistent errors.

Mew Glitch
The Mew Glitch is a programming oversight that allows the player to capture a mew. The glitch gained notoriety for enabling the capture of a mew, a pokémon that at the time was only obtainable through official Nintendo promotions or cheat devices.
By carefully timing the use of the “Teleport” or “Fly” pokémon abilities, players could “trick” the game into beginning a trainer battle even though a trainer was not present at the time. The games only had a single memory region for battle data (because it was assumed that only one battle could occur at any given time), and therefore the player could overwrite the original trainer’s battle data with that of other trainers or wild pokémon. By choosing opponents with a specific “Special” stat, the player could fill the battle data memory region with the data of their choice. Returning to the area where the player first flew or teleported away would cause the game to trigger a wild pokémon encounter and misread the data as genuine battle data, resulting in various glitches, or an actual pokémon, as an opponent. Typically, players choose a mew as the pokémon, as it can not normally be captured.

Typical Method of Catching Mew Using the “Mew Glitch”
Source: The P Files ( [I have made some adjustments in the original text due to the text only nature of this file and made some grammatical/stylistic changes. –Editor]
Yes, believe it or not, it can be done without a GameShark or other cheating device. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
Restart your game and play until you get Fly from the house west of Celadon City.
Do not fight the following trainers:
[*]The youngster with a slowpoke (Level 17) on the road to Bill’s house (Route 25). He is the fourth trainer after you cross Nugget Bridge, standing directly above a female trainer and facing north.
[*]The gambler with two poliwags and a poliwhirl (all Level 22) between Lavender Town and Saffron City (Route 8). He is standing just east of the entrance to Saffron City, facing north toward the door of the Underground Path.
Carefully follow the series of steps illustrated below.
[*]Make sure you have a pokémon that knows Fly. On Route 8, stand in front of the door of the Underground Path. Save your game, since saving after this point will disrupt the procedure.
[*]Walk down one step and immediately press Start. [This is the timing part that Wikipedia mentions. –Editor] If you succeed, the menu will pop up before the gambler sees you. Go to the pokémon list and fly to Cerulean City. The gambler will see you just before you fly away.
[*]Your Start button will no longer function. Go north across Nugget Bridge and head east until you find the youngster listed above. If you walk right up to the youngster, the game will lock up, so you’ll have to let him see you and walk up to you.
[*]Defeat his slowpoke (afterwards, your Start button will work again), then fly to Lavender Town. [None of the buttons will work until after the battle. –Editor]
[*]Head west into Route 8.
As soon as you enter the narrow path, the menu will pop up by itself. Press B to exit . . .
. . . and look who it is! Mew will be at Level 7 and its only attack will be Pound. Poké ball, go!
Once you’ve caught the mew, you can save your game without any ill-effects.
There are two alternative ways to enter Route 8 and trigger the mew after beating the youngster. If you have access to Saffron City, you can fly there and go through the eastern city gate. Also, you can fly to Celadon City, head east to Route 7, enter the Underground Path, and emerge back in front of the gambler.
Finally, the Route 8 gambler isn’t the only trainer that can initiate the trick. The supernerd just west of him can also do it, as can the second fisherman you meet when heading south from Lavender on Route 12. There are numerous others; basically, any trainer who is scrolled onto the screen by the same step that puts you in their vision range will work. However, remember that the final battle with the mew will only be triggered by returning to whatever route that trainer is in, which is not necessarily Route 8.
Thanks to TheScythe from the GameFAQs ( message boards for the information on how to do this.

Catching Other Pokémon Using the “Mew Glitch”
Source: The P Files (
Now that you know how the trick works, you can use it to catch other pokémon. Fighting the youngster will always result in a mew encounter because his slowpoke has a Special of 21 (15 in hex). But if you fight something else before returning to Route 8, it will change which pokémon you encounter.
Let’s say you foolishly choose a starting pokémon other than the bulbasaur and want to make up for it. Bulbasaur’s hex number is 99, which converts to 153 in decimal. Now, you could fight a wild pokémon with a Special of 153, but the only place to find that is on a Level 64 chansey in the Unknown Dungeon, and those chanseys are quite rare. Worse, they only have a one-in-sixteen chance of having the right Special. Fortunately, there is a solution: Ditto’s Transform, which copies the stats of the opponent.

Editor’s Note: Yes that is right. Despite reports to the contrary, wild dittoes do not use their “own lame stats” as the editor of Versus Books’ Pokémon: Special Pikachu Edition Official Perfect Guide put it. It is an exact duplicate of the pokémon except for the nickname. The joke is that only when the ditto is wild will it copy the stats. After you catch it, then it uses it’s own stats.

Note that since only the least significant of the two Special bytes is used for this, you can also add 256 to the values listed above and use that Special to get the same Pokémon. This is important because there are a few Pokémon, such as kangaskhans, whose identifying value is lower than the minimum Special that any pokémon can have. In the kangaskhan’s case, you can find one by using a Special of 258 (2 + 256).
After reaching your destination only the A button will work for flipping switches and the like. You will not be able to talk to anyone or pick up objects with the A button. All of the other buttons (not just the start button) will not work at all. In order to re-activate the buttons, you will need to fight someone who automatically will react to your presence. Any trainers you fight after the gambler will be “used up”. Make sure you have enough unused trainers to catch all the Pokémon you want! There is no one in the Unknown Dungeon and only the four scientists in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. It does not matter if you fight anything before fighting the ditto, or if you use Fly again after leaving the gambler and before fighting the ditto. So the opponent you battle can be anywhere that you can fly from. Fortunately, the gambler can be used to initiate the trick an unlimited number of times.
This means that you can catch any pokémon in the game by following these steps:

Editor’s Note: Included are some details that were not clearly stated and some that I discovered while experimenting with this technique.

Catch/raise a pokémon with the proper Special stat (153 for Bulbasaur). You can find a complete list of which decimal value is needed for each pokémon in the file, Pokémon RdBlYl Hex-Decimal-Special Conversion Table.ASC.
Pick a good pokémon to lead the party, but not the one you want ditto to transform into. Use the lead pokémon to run interference and to fight the trainer and win. You want this pokémon to level-up, not the one with the correct Special stat.
You must have at least one pokémon in your party that knows the following techniques, you will need all of these: Teleport/Roar/Whirlwind, Dig, Fly. Instead of Dig, you could have an escape rope with you. In the Unknown Dungeon you will need a pokémon that can use Surf also.
Make sure you do not have Experience All with you. You do not want the pokémon with the proper Special stat to level-up and change that stat!
Have plenty of first aid and Master Balls on hand.
It will be quicker and less risky if you heal your pokémon party at Lavender Town to start.
The key events that must be followed in the exact order is:
[*]Fly to Celadon City. Using the gambler just outside the underground exit on Route 8 is the easiest way to trigger the event. Using the Underground Passage is the safest way to avoid engagements. (They won’t ruin the plan, but it is less hassle and easier on the nerves.)
[*]Walk through the underground passage and just allow your character to leave on his own. That way he will stop just outside of the building.
[*]Save the game.
[*]So, when you fly off leaving the gambler on Route 8, pick the nearest trainer to where you will be looking for dittoes. Fight that trainer then use Fly (if you are too far away to walk/surf) to go to Cinnabar Island or Cerulean City. It isn’t necessary, but it is easier on the nerves if you have already fought all trainers who are unavoidable on the way to the Unknown Dungeon or the Mansion so they won’t bother you at this point. You may as well run from all fights with wild pokémon too. If you can’t escape, use the pokémon with the Teleport skill. (You could also use Roar or Whirlwind.) You can try the Run option, but using one of these skills will get you out of the battle for sure.
[*]Roam around until a ditto attacks.
Here is what I did:
The ditto attacked. I switched to the pokémon I wanted him to copy. (If you loose the battle the game will automatically heal your party. See the warning below.) Winning the battle isn’t necessary, so after the ditto transformed I switched to the pokémon that knew Teleport as soon as I could (except when that pokémon was the one out already). As soon as the battle was over I used Dig to avoid getting into a battle that would spoil the event.
If you followed step 1 and used Dig or the escape rope, you will be returned to the PokéCenter in Lavender Town. Otherwise fly to Lavender Town to avoid accidental battles. Do not heal your pokémon! If you do, instead of an encounter with the wild pokémon you are after, you will wind up battling another trainer from one of the other areas. (I wound up battling one of the supernerds instead of a level seven zapdos.)
[*]As soon as you arrive in front of the PokéCenter, go to Route 8. Close the menu that pops up. Whatever pokémon you encounter will be level seven. A freshly hatched pokémon would be at level five. Close enough.
The legendary birds still start out with the same starter moves they have at level fifty (despite what the guides say). When you receive a mew from Nintendo it starts out at level five and doesn’t get Pound until level ten. So it is no surprise that a level seven mew has only pound. But the mewtwo does not have the same starter moves that he comes with at level seventy-five in Yellow (probably not Red or Blue either). Nor does he have the same moves that the guides for Gold/Silver/Crystal report that he starts with. My level seven mewtwo had Confusion, Swift, Barrier and Psychic! Remember, he’s a super-powered clone so he would have four moves a lot earlier in life than any other pokémon. It will be interesting to see what happens between level seven and level seventy-five. I should try to get another set to see how differently the legendary birds, mew and mewtwo level-up between Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal.
For another way to get a mew, see the section below, Getting the Special Pokémon: Mew.

Glitch City
Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (
It occurs when a player begins to leave the Safari Zone, but answers “NO” to leaving in the entrance building. Upon saving, exiting and restarting the game, the game becomes “confused” and thinks that the player has exited the Safari Zone. If the player goes to the entrance building again, the player will be asked if he or she wants to enter the Safari Zone, instead of leaving. The player then answers “NO” and leaves the building. The player then uses up the remaining steps as if they were still inside the Safari Zone. When the alloted number of steps run out, a message appears saying the player has run out of steps and is returned to the Safari Zone building. Upon leaving, they are transported to Glitch City.
Since Glitch City is not an actual city, it may take on various shapes and appearances depending on the steps taken to access the glitch and the area in which the player is “called back” from; sometimes even taking the player to an actual city. The player may be able to move around inside of the area, walk on water, surf on buildings, or may appear trapped by impassable terrain. Also the player can sometimes be controlled by the effects of the area that they were in before going into Glitch City. For example, if a player had been on Cycling Road, he may be forced to walk south and would be unable to use the field command Surf. In some cases, the player may encounter wild Pokémon or the Missingno. glitch; or the entire game may freeze, forcing the player to reset the game. However, the player may use field commands (such as Fly) to return to an actual city.

Clone Pokémon
Note: This trick requires another Game Boy and Pokémon game.

Trade the pokémon to be cloned, and have the other player get a pokémon that they did not care about. Trade them, and make sure the player receiving the bad pokémon can see the other player’s screen. When the Game Boy that receives the good pokémon displays “Waiting”, get ready to shut the other Game Boy off. When the “Waiting” message disappears, turn off the Game Boy that is receiving the bad pokémon. When the “Trade completed” message appears, turn off the remaining Game Boy. Both games will have the same good pokémon when they are turned back on.

Note: Do not attempt this trick with any saved games you wish to keep, as it can corrupt those files if done incorrectly.

Celadon City: Lucky Slot Machine
In the Celadon City Game Corner in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the slot machine below the fisherman was out of order. If you walked down three from that machine (or the bottom slot machine), there would have been a lucky one. The broken machine has been repaired, but the lucky machine is still there. Use it for a better chance to get three 7s lined up.

Easy Catch
When you are catching a pokémon, throw the poké ball and press “B” and “Down” at the same time (two times), then press “Down” until you have your pokémon.

Extra Damage
While fighting, select your desired attack. When it says you are going to use that attack (e.g. “Venusaur used Razor Leaf”), hold down the “A” button until your opponent’s life stops draining. If your timing was right you will do more damage than usual.

Getting the Special Pokémon
Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (
It is also possible to get a mew in the Pokémon game, without intending to capture one. In several instances, in the trade center of a PokéCenter, trades have glitched and a mew was spawned from the chaos, as well as a pidgeot. In five instances, a machoke was traded for a graveler, and five times, a mew and a pidgeot were spawned. The graveler and machoke were deleted however.
A mew is available in Stadium as a rental only.
A level 7 mew may be obtained using the Capture Trick (Mew Glitch). See the details under Mew Glitch.
A level 5 mew was received at special events held by Nintendo. Now you may only receive these mew legitimately by trading someone who has one of these promotional mews.

Psyduck with Amnesia (Stadium)
Get all 151 pokémon in the hall of fame for the Amnesia psyduck.

Pikachu with Fly (Stadium) (unverified)
Complete Round Two of the Pika Cup Master Ball setting of Stadium using a pikachu as one of your active pokémon each round (he must be one of the three you choose to battle with). The pikachu may not be part of a registered team or a rental. If you succeed, the game will congratulate you and ask if you would like to replace one of the pikachu’s moves with Fly. Select “Yes”, and select the move to be forgotten.
The above may not be true. Flying pikachu was given away during promotions in Japan and later at Journey Across America’s New York City stop. Though none of the pokémon are catchable in Snap, there is a Flying pikachu in that game.

Pikachu with Surf (Stadium)
Complete the Master Ball setting of Stadium using a pikachu as one of your active pokémon each round (he must be one of the three you choose to battle with). The pikachu may not be part of a registered team or a rental. If you succeed, the game will congratulate you and ask if you would like to replace one of the pikachu’s moves with Surf. Select “Yes”, and select the move to be forgotten. The pikachu will now pull out a surfboard and ride the wave whenever Surf is used in Yellow. Also you will be able to play the mini-game, Pikachu’s Beach, after going into the Summer Beach Shack owned by the Surfin’ Dude.

Note: Surfing pikachu is not in the Japanese version of Stadium.

Alternate Pokémon Colors [The precursors of shiny pokémon? –Editor] (Stadium)
If you nickname your pokémon in the Game Boy game and bring it into Stadium, it will have changed color depending on what you nicknamed it! Possibilities range from an orange pikachu to a sea green tentacruel.
These are not shiny pokémon, because shiny pokémon were not invented when Stadium was released. However, it may have given Nintendo ideas to do it deliberately.

Get Pokémon for Game Boy Game (Stadium)
In Stadium, complete one of the Gym Leader Castles of the Elite Four or your rival to get one of the following random pokémon that can be transferred back to your Game Boy Pokémon game.
Mew Warning (Stadium)
Do not trade a mew level 10 or higher in the trading mode in Stadium. It will glitch the game, and if you want your data back, you must call Nintendo (1-800-225-3700) to fix it.

Gold/Silver/Crystal/Stadium 2

Setting the Time in Crystal
In Gold and Silver you were allowed access to set the clock. This access was supposedly removed in Crystal, but actually you need a passcode. You can only change for daylight savings time. At the title menu press “Down”, “Select”, “B” and it will ask if you would like to reset your clock. You will need the password. I have created an Excel/Works compatible spreadsheet to calculate the password, Passcode Calculator.XLR.

Shiny Pokémon Colors
In many of the guides there are descriptions and explanations of what the shiny pokémon are and are not. Various trainers have given very specific details about where particular shiny pokémon may be found or obtained. Shiny pokémon are completely random and will only be found where the ordinary forms would normally be found. The only thing that is consistent is what the shining version looks like. There is another way to get shining pokémon. Sometimes when trading from the older games you will discover not only the sex of the pokémon, but that they were actually a shiny pokémon all along. I found out my lapras from Yellow was actually purple, but I tried another Yellow game and that lapras was plain. So the odds for a pokémon from the first generation of games being shiny is probably about the same as finding one in the wild. The red gyarados is the only exception to this rule, because it is an integral part of the story. Also breeding a shiny pokémon may have better odds of producing a shiny offspring. Breeding two shiny pokémon might increase the odds more, but don’t count on it. The reported colors of shiny pokémon are:
[*]dark blue nidoking
[*]purple/green golbat
[*]green-eyed tentacruel
[*]purple rapidash
[*]purple lapras
[*]orange/green scyther
[*]yellow/purple hoothoot
[*]green/red sudowoodo
[*]yellow/orange ho-oh
[*]red gyarados
[*]gold magikarp (breed a red gyarados)
[*]purple-lipped bellsprout
[*]red caterpie
[*]purple drowzee
[*]albino (white?) hoothoot
[*]gold magikarp (breed the red gyarados)
[*]gold pidgey
[*]yellow-green tangela
[*]rainbow jynx
[*]blue koffing
[*]crimson magmar
[*]purple mantine (?)
[*]gold metapod
[*]brown natu with yellow wings (?)
[*]gold pikachu
[*]light blue poliwag
[*]silver tentacruel
Duplicate Items / Clone Pokémon
Go to a PC, and save. Attach the item you want to duplicate to the pokémon you want to clone. Deposit it into the PC. Change boxes. When the screen is saying “Saving the game . . .” turn off your Game Boy. Turn it back on. You should have the deposited pokémon in the PC, and a clone of it in your line-up. The item will either be on both pokémon, or in your backpack.

Note I: While doing this code, do not withdraw any pokémon. When the Game Boy is turned back on, you’ll find that the withdrawn pokémon has been deleted.

Note II: You can duplicate up to 5 items/Pokémon at a time.

Note III: Use this code at your own risk. It may corrupt your save data if done incorrectly.

Note IV: Do not use sudowoodo, dragonite, red gyarados or any of the legendary birds or beasts, otherwise the cheat won’t work!

Editor’s Note: I use a common-as-dirt rattata. If you accidentally kill the box, there is a way to bring it back as long as you haven’t filled the box. There’s no way to recover it or use it if you have deposited twenty pokémon into it. Do not use pokémon you want to keep. (Therefore using any of the pokémon mention in Note IV would be a given.) I lost some good pokémon when the box I was using went bad. Unfortunately it was before I found out how to recover the box. I didn’t know what to do so I deleted the whole game. Put no more than fifteen pokémon in at a time. I now use six rattatas and six pidgey clones for trading between my games and duplicating items. I clone extras if I want to export pokémon from a game I am about to end. I found if you use the same clones for both games, you loose track of which have been traded and wind up trading some back. By using two different pokémon, you know when to stop.
To recover a box simply deposit an uncorrupted clone into it. (Probably any pokémon will do, but why take the chance?) The box will come back with the first clones messed up. Usually only the names, but I take no chances and release them ASAP. The hold items will still be good, so I withdraw the bad pokémon, take their stuff and release them. The box may be used again.
On the other hand, if you must have unlimited items do it the safe and easy way and get a Monster Brain. They really aren’t that expensive and you can easily find them on eBay.

Breeding Special Pokémon [This might be an easier way to get these rare pokémon. –Editor]
[*]Breed a gyarados with the red gyarados to get a golden magikarp.
[*]Breed an alakazam with a meganium to get a celebi. This works in Crystal, maybe it will work in Gold.
Note: You may lose your meganium or alakazam, but it is well worth it.

Editor’s Note: I have tried this despite the fact that the first thing wrong with the cheat is that meganiums and alakazams are not compatible. However, in case of a bug, I gave it a shot. It didn’t work in Crystal or Gold.

Stronger Pokémon
If you choose to be a male trainer, then catch female pokémon. They will love you faster and be stronger. If you choose to play as a female, catch male pokémon.
If you raise a pokémon starting at level 2 to 15, it will end up stronger than if you caught a level 30 pokémon in the wild. If you breed a pokémon the egg will hatch at level 5 so it is easier to train.

Combo Moves
There are many combo moves that can be used during battle, for example Swagger and Psych Up. Swagger will confuse your opponent and make his attack power rise greatly. You can use Psych Up to copy the attack power and not get confused. Another great combo is Curse and Agility. Curse will make your attack and defense rise, but t makes your speed fall (note that Ghost types use Curse differently than this way). You can use Agility to boost your speed two levels so that all around, you have better stats in two turns.
Use Sunny Day, and Solarbeam does not have to charge up one turn. Use Defense Curl, and Rollout becomes stronger. Use Rain Dance, and Thunder will never miss. Using Sunny Day will make it miss all the time. If the opponent used Minimize, Stomp will do more damage.

Happiness Evolution
In order to get the pokémon that evolve with happiness, such as eevee into umbreon or espeon, you need to raise their happiness level to a certain level. Using an emulator, the number you need to get to is approximately 225 points. Once your Pokemon has reached 225 points, it will evolve after it gains a level. Using the following guide, you can calculate the approximate happiness stat of your Pokemon. When you catch/receive a Pokemon the starting happiness stat is as below:

When Pokemon is captured by a Friend Ball: 200 points
When Pokemon is captured by any other ball : 70 points
When Pokemon is given/traded/received as a gift: 70 points

Note that if you have a Pokemon whose happiness is 200 and you trade it, the happiness level becomes 70. The following are things that increase happiness levels and how much they increase it by:

For every 520 steps you take with the Pokemon in your party: +1 point
For every status increasing item used on the Pokemon (like Carbos, HP UP): +2 points
For every level gained by the Pokemon: either +3 or +5 points
For every time Daisy grooms the Pokemon: +3 points

The Hair Cut Brothers, located in the Goldenrod Underground, can also increase your Pokemon’s happiness stat. How much it increases depends on the saying you get after the grooming is finished. Here is a list of how much the happiness status is increased by each brother.

For The Older Brother ($500)
If it says “looks a little happier”: +1 point
If it says “looks happy”: +3 points
If it says “looks delighted”: +5 points

For The Younger Brother ($300)
If it says “look a little happier”: +1 point
If it says “looks happy”: +3 points
If it says “looks delighted”: +10 points

The happiness stat can also be decreased. The following things decrease the happiness stat.

If the Pokemon faints: -1 point
If Heal Powder is used on the Pokemon: -5 points
If Energy Powder is used on the Pokemon: -5 points
If Energy Root is used on the Pokemon: -10 points
If Revival Herb is used on the Pokemon: -10 points

Editor’s Note: According to the game guides catching a pokémon with a friend ball starts it out 1 level higher than it would be normally. Pokémon normally start at TL 5 (not used to you). So a pokémon caught with a friend ball starts at TL 4 (cute). Leaving it at the day care or in a box will not lower it any less than TL 5. TL 6 is the lowest (looks mean). The pokémon must get to TL1 (love) to evolve. So if TL 1 = 225 points, and TL 5 = 70 points how does catching it in a friend ball get it to 200 points? Maybe the process works a little different using an emulator instead of the actual Game Boy.
So there really isn’t much help here except with the Hair Salon brothers. This is not documented in any guide. I would ignore the points, but pay attention to the comments made by the brothers and the Tameness Tester. Notice that it seems that although he doesn’t do as good of a job, if the younger brother makes the pokémon delighted, the pokémon gains more points. As a programmer and would-be game designer, this would make sense to me.
Keep track of the relative effect of items used on the pokémon. Also the guides suggest that holding items, leaving the pokémon in the box or day care for long periods of time and not healing right away do affect the mood.

Leafeon (fake)
Use a leaf stone on eevee. It will say not able use it anyway. Go to Professor Elm and have a potion with you and talk to him he will say, “It looks like your eevee is sick. Use that potion on him or her.” Then use the potion and eevee will evolve into a leafeon (the best pokémon).

Editor’s Note: Yes, it is fake, but guess what new pokémon is in Diamond and Pearl?

People think you can get your pokémon over level 100. It’s not true.
The only pokémon that can be over level 100 is sometimes missingno. and the special pokémon in the first generation games when using the Missingno. Glitch.

The Orange Island Cheat (fake)
[*]Get all 251 pokémon.
[*]Train them all to level 100.
[*]Catch all of the unowns.
[*]Go to where you got ho-oh.
[*]Click “BA”.
[*]You are in the Orange Islands!!
Secret: When you are in Orange Islands you can train your pokémon to level 700 max.

Editor’s Note: See Warning! above. Although, even if you can’t train your pokémon to level 700, just getting the Orange Islands is neat. However, training ALL the pokémon to level 100? I don’t think so. It takes long enough just catching all of them.

Editor’s Note 2007: Ok, by now you could/should have raised all of your pokémon to level 100.

Catching Pokémon
Turn any Poké Ball into a Master Ball
Throw the ball. When it’s in midair press “Up” and “B” both at the same time and then let go. When the ball opens wide to catch the pokémon, press and hold “A” and “B” at the same time until the pokémon is caught. Keep trying until it works.

Hidden Fishing Trick (Crystal only?)
When inside any pokémon gym, stand next to a pokémon statue and use any fishing rods and you just go fishing right there. Sometimes you can catch a water pokémon if you fish enough. [unverified]

Avoid Confusion
Whenever your Pokemon is confused, hold A for about three seconds and you will get a move in.

Countering Protect
When your opponent uses Protect there is only one move that you should use; Surf.

How to Teach (Almost) Any Pokémon Any Attack
Note that the learning pokémon must be one that can learn Mimic (Hint: Rd/Bl/Yl pokémon qualify for this cheat easier, because you can trade them back and teach them Mimic by TM). You must make sure the trainer of the teaching team has the line-up you want. To increase the odds of the pokémon using the skill you want him to teach is to go to the Move Deleter in Blackthorn City to delete all moves except that one. Use an expendable pokémon. Teach Mimic to the pokémon you want to have a special skill. Otherwise, a pokémon who learns Mimic naturally that you want to have another skill permanently will do.

Now, you must have two Game Boys and two Pokémon Go/Si/Cr games.

On one game, have the pokémon you want to teach an attack at the top of the roster. This is our learning team. On the other have a level 90-100 smeargle with speed as high as possible and also knows Sketch in first place, and a pokémon that knows the attack you want to teach the other one in second place. We’ll call this the teaching team. Only have the two pokémon on the teaching team.

(This won’t work with instant death moves, unless they miss, or it’s Horn Drill/Guillotine on a ghost type or Fissure on a flying type.)

Do mystery gift between the two games.

Now, go to the Trainer House in Viridian City. Your opponent will be the teaching team. Remember, he is the one you last performed a mystery gift with. This is why I suggest the teaching team should have only two pokémon. Start off by having the learning pokémon use Mimic. The smeargle should go first since in was in the first position. Now the learning pokémon will know Sketch.

The student pokémon will have 5 PP, so you’ll have five chances to sketch an attack. Switch the student, use another pokémon on the learning team to knock out the smeargle. Switch the learning pokémon back when the teaching pokémon is called up.

Now, have the learning pokémon use Sketch when the teacher uses the attack to be learned. If he doesn’t use the correct move, just stall with getting a potion or something. Keep going until the learning pokémon successfully learns the attack.

Finish off the battle, and you’ll have it all sorted!!! You could get a venusaur that knows Fire Blast, a gyarados that knows Mega Kick, an arcanine that knows Surf . . . and anything else you can think of!!!

Editor’s Note: I did an experiment using a ditto as the learning pokémon, and an unown as the teacher. I now have a ditto with Hidden Power (but it no longer has Transform).

When you put ditto into Stadium 2 it will have Transform again and the new move. [unverified]

Editor’s Note: This is the Trainer’s House trick which I had found out recently was called the Mewtation Glitch/Trick. Eventually I will combine my notes and put the result here.

Easy Money
Use the following trick to win three hundred coins almost every time on slot machines. In Goldenrod City’s Game Corner, play the slot machines. Line two 7’s up on the first two rows then press A and hold for the third row. Hold A and the slot will move until it hits the third 7, resulting in 300 coins.

Celadon City: Lucky Slot Machine
In the Celadon City Game Corner in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the slot machine below the fisherman was out of order. If you walked down three from that machine (or the bottom slot machine), there would have been a lucky one. The broken machine has been repaired, but the lucky machine is still there. Use it for a better chance to get three 7s lined up.

Celadon City: Silph Scope (unverified)
On Saturday and Sunday morning at 6 or 7 o’clock, go to Kanto. Go to Celadon City and go to Game Corner. Find and press the two green switches to reveal a secret stairway. Go in, go right, go down, then go to any arrow bolt. Find the trainer that battles you, and he give you the Silph Scope. Note: The arrow bolt locations are difficult to find.

Talk to the proper person at the Goldenrod Game Center for a free Everstone.

Goldenrod City: Free TM
Go to the fifth floor of the Department Mart. A girl gives you any TM by the counter every Sunday. A girl will give you a better TM at 11:30 p.m. (Actually, she will give you either Frustration, if your lead pokémon is grumpy, or Return, if your lead pokémon is happy.)

Buena: Phone Number
To get Buena’s phone number, you need to get 30 points on your blue card.

Easy Gifts and Battles
Obtain several phone numbers, then go to your house and tell your mom to switch on or off daylight savings. Your phone friends will give you calls almost immediately, and you will get to fight them or receive gifts.

Unlimited Mystery Gifts
Follow these instructions:
[*]Do Mystery Gift first, if you haven’t already.
[*]Get the item from the PokéCenter (unless you received a room decoration) then continue.
[*]Save your game.
[*]Start over and enter your password for resetting time.
[*]Choose continue to enter your saved game.
[*]Save your game and turn it off.
[*]Then do another Mystery Gift.
[*]Ta-da! “You got gift” and start over again to get another and another and another. (I can keep going on.)

Some tips before doing this cheat:
[*]You can get more rare gifts if you set the clock for night between 12:00 AM through 2:00, and are standing in front of your house in New Bark Town.
[*]When resetting time, set the time for 11:57 PM because then after you’re done getting your Mystery Gift (and get it from the PokéCenter) you can wait for the time to go to 12:00 AM, save game, and do Mystery Gift again. It will take less time to get gifts unless you’re really desperate or want only rare items at midnight.
[*]You can still do it even if your friend doesn’t know his/her password for resetting time and you do. Although you will get something, your friend won’t because all it will say “you can’t do Mystery Gift again with the same person on the same day.”

Editor’s Note: You may have to set the day, too.

Hidden Items
Antidote: Goldenrod Underground
Berserk Gene: North of Cerulean
Calcium: Route 13
Carbos: Tin Tower 5F, Ice Cave B2
Dire Hit: Route 28
Elixir: Route 44, Dark Cave, Route 12
Ether: Ilex Forest, Route 37, Burned Tower, Route 9
Full Heal: Azalea Town, Ilex Forest, National Park, Team Rocket HQ B2, Champion Road, Vermilion City, Route 2
Full Restore: Tin Tower 5F, Lake of Rage, Whirl Islands, Mt. Mortar, Route 2, Mt. Silver
Great Ball: Route 32
Hyper Potion: Violet City, Ecruteak City, Olivine City, Route 40, Mt. Mortar
Ice Heal: Ice Cave
Leftovers: Celadon City Restaurant Trash Can (Item Finder will not beep)
Max Elixir: Dragon’s Den, Route 17
Max Ether: Cianwood Isle, Whirl Islands, Route 17, Route 2
Max Potion: Tin Tower 4F, Route 42, Lake of Rage, Ice Cave/ Dragon’s Den, Champion Road, Rock Tunnel
Max Repel: Mt. Mortar
Max Revive: Mt. Mortar, Digletts Cave
Nugget: Route 39
Paralyze Heal: Goldenrod Underground
Potion: Route 30
PP UP: Route 34, Route 45, Celadon City, Lake of Rage, Whirl Islands
Revive: Cianwood Isle, Dragon’s Den, Route 11, Route 2
Super Potion: Ilex Forest, Route 32, Route 34, Goldenrod Underground
Ultra Ball: Burned Tower, Whirl Islands, Route 4, Mt. Silver
X Accuracy: Rock Tunnel
X Defend: Rock Tunnel

Route 34: Hidden items
First go to Goldenrod city and walk down to the Day Care and surf in the water to the west. Just above the place that the three girls (the Elite Trio) are there is a peninsula with apparently nothing on it. Press “A” at all the trees and you will find a rare candy. Also when you see dead ends press “A” at the last space and you might find an item.

Lake Gyarados: Hidden items
You can find Full Restore with the Item Finder near the secret house at Lake Gyarados. Go to where Wesley is standing on any day other than Wednesday, you will find a Rare Candy.

Route 35: Mystery Berry and Hidden items
Swim across a small pond to the west and get a Mystery Berry, then keep swimming south and get a Nugget. On the way back, get the PP Up hidden in the pond. Use the Item Finder.

Route 32: Hidden item
There is a hidden item under where Frieda on Friday stands above the PokéCenter. You can only get it when she is not there. Use the Item Finder.

Route 44: Hidden item
Between Mahogany City and the Ice Cave is a small island. Surf over to it and use the Item Finder to get a hidden item.

Olivine City: Iron
Take the S.S. Aqua from Olivine City. Battle everyone, then exit the boat. Surf to the right. In the water by the pole is an Iron. You cannot get this item from the other side once you pass the ticket man. It is on the ship side—face the pole in the water and use Item Finder.

Vermilion City: Rare Candy
After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, you will get a call from Professor Elm to get a ticket to go to Kanto. You will end up at Vermilion City, where Lt. Surge is located. There is a Rare Candy up on the left, near water.

Trainers Gifts (See file) [I have a separate Works database file listing gifts that you can get from the different trainers in Go/Si/Cr. –Editor]
*Route 27: Star Piece
Bird Keeper José will give you a Star Piece each time his Farfetch’d finds one. You will need Whirlpool to reach him.

*Route 34: Soft Sand
On Route 34 swim south and battle three female Cool Trainers (the Elite Trio). The last one will give you Soft Sand if you defeat all of them.

*Route 45: Iron
Battle Hiker Parry and win each battle. He will give you an Iron to continue your Pokemon journey for both of you.

*Route: 45: PP Up (unverified)
Black Belt Kenji on Route 45 will give you a PP Up if you call him when he is taking a lunch break. Visit him. He does not battle. He will not call to remind you, which makes it even harder. Call every day in the morning. He will say he is too busy training. When he says he is going to take a lunch break at noon, call him at noon and fly over [You will probably not receive an invitation, just go. –Editor] and visit him on Route 45 on the right side of path. He will thank you for stopping by and give you a PP Up. The days he take a lunch break are random, so you have to call every day and remember to visit at lunch time. He will Continue giving these out if you visit him when he takes breaks.

Getting the Special Pokémon
A mew is available in Stadium 2 as a rental only. Getting the GS Ball in the Japanese version of Crystal only allowed you to capture a celebi.

A celebi could only be caught in the Japanese version of Crystal. The GS Ball is in the American game, but it is useless since the routine is missing from the program. The only other way to receive a celebi outside of Japan was through a Nintendo event or a Pokémon Center. See Getting Pokémon under All Versions at the beginning of this file. A celebi is available in Stadium 2 as a rental only.

Dratini with Extreme Speed (Crystal)
At the Dragon’s Den the Elder will quiz you. Deliberately miss the questions the first time around. Return immediately and this time answer them correctly. She will reward you with an Extreme Speed dratini.

Farfetch’d with Baton Pass (Stadium 2)
Beat Round 1 against your rival for a Baton Pass farfetch’d.

Gligar with Earthquake (Stadium 2)
Beat Round 2 against your rival for an Earthquake gligar.

Electric-Fire Magnemite (Stadium 2) (unverified)
Take one of the 2nd generation games (Go/Si/Cr), and put it in the transfer pack. Load up the game, and go to Oak’s Lab. Put your magnemite into the storage. It should be an Electric-Steel type. Now, turn off the game, and insert your 1st generation game (Rd/Bl/Yl) into the transfer pack. Go to Oak’s Lab, and redownload the magnemite. Save, turn off Stadium 2, and load your 1st generation game. Your magnemite should be Electric-Fire type.
Editor’s Note: Ok, this would work because the magnemites from the second generation are a dual-type. I think they are the only 1st generation single-type pokémon that became a dual-type in the next generation. So this is why it works only for magnemites (and magnetons). When they are transferred to the first generation from Stadium 2 the adjustment is made imperfectly. So the second type is replaced instead of deleted. The question then is: Will the magnemite retain its Electric-Fire type when transferred back to the 2nd generation game?


Berry Glitch (Ruby/Sapphire)
In the games as part of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is the ability to plant berries (Berries previously being introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver) in patches of “soft loamy soil,” allowing the player to cultivate berry gardens of whatever berries that player wants. This feature came with a significant bug; after a saved game of Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire had been played for a year or longer, the berry plants wouldn’t grow, and all time-based events (such as the Pokémon Lottery) stopped working.
Nintendo created a program that fixed this problem with the game’s clock and began a campaign to make players aware of the glitch and the fix; in the United States, beginning in March of 2004, Nintendo included a berry fix program on the Nintendo GameCube demo discs distributed to GameStop and EB Games stores, for use in their demonstration GameCubes. (These game stores often have kiosks with current video game consoles for customers to try out games.) Connecting Game Boy Advance running a copy of Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire to a GameCube running one of these demo discs would fix the berry glitch, as well as transferring over a shiny zigzagoon with a liechi berry as a hold item to the copy of Ruby or Sapphire.
This program was discontinued in North America by the end of 2004, but Nintendo included the berry fix program in other products, as well. The demo disc given to those who pre-ordered Pokémon Colosseum has a program similar to the one included on the EB Games and GameStop discs, but, instead of transferring a shiny zigzagoon, it transfers a jirachi to the connected game (the Japanese Version transferred a celebi instead). Also, when you transfer jirachi from the European version Pokémon Channel to Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire, this also fixes the Berry Glitch.
Later Pokémon games, including Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Box, and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness also include a hidden mode that can fix the berry glitch, albeit without the additional gifts included with the other versions of the berry fix program.

Getting the Special Pokémon
The items mentioned for the third generation are legally obtainable by only one of two ways:
[*]One must receive them from a Nintendo Event or Pokémon Center. Occasionally, an item may be obtained from both places, but not usually at the same time. Each of these are offered for a limited time and have been known to happen only once. The Eon Ticket must be obtained by using the Eon Ticket eCard. You may find these cards still offered on eBay or elsewhere. Some sellers will try to claim these are rare, but they are not. In fact, one seller from the UK seems to have an endless supply.
[*]You must trade/mix records with another player who has received them from the event directly, or received them from someone else.
These items are highlighted in blue.

Mirage Island (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)
Mirage Island is an invisible island located on Route 130. Most of the time it will be invisible but on rare cases, the island will be visible. To find out if the island is there or not, go to Pacifidlog Town and talk to the old man in the bottom right house looking out the window. He will tell you whether the island is there or not. He will tell you only if you have a pokémon in the lead position with an ID number that is selected at random each time you visit. On the island you will find the rare liechi berry that powers up your pokémon’s attack in battle when it gets weak. In the grass, you will only find wynauts.

Southern Island (Ruby/Sapphire)
To get the other lati (whichever one you didn’t capture), you will need to receive an Eon Ticket (which is an eCard) and enter it with an eReader or mix Records with a Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire game that has the Eon Ticket. Emerald is not compatible with the eReader, so Emerald can receive the ticket only by mixing records. You can then get to Southern Island via the SS Tidal where you can find the lati you didn’t choose.

Mew (Emerald)
You must get the Old Sea Map. Use the map to board a special ferry at either Lilycove or Slateport. The ferry will then take you to Faraway Island. Once there, the player will have to navigate a labyrinth of trees to find a mew in a clearing filled with tall grass. The mew will attempt to hide in the grass, and the player will have to chase it and corner it to battle it. So far, the only event has been in Japan.

Ho-oh and Lugia (FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald)
Use the Mystic Ticket to go to Navel Rock where a ho-oh and a lugia may be caught.

Ho-oh (XD)
A ho-oh will join your team when you purify all forty-eight shadow pokémon with the Relic Stone in Agate Village and beat all one hundred trainers on Mount Battle. Certain conditions apply as to what pokémon you may use on Mount Battle. Also you absolutely must have an empty slot when you beat the 100th trainer on Mount Battle. Otherwise the ho-oh will not be able to join and you will have to start the Mount Battle event all over again.

Lugia (XD)
Purify the shadow lugia. This is more difficult than it sounds as the shadow lugia is the most corrupted and powerful of all shadow pokémon.

Deoxys (FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald)
Use the Aurora Ticket to go to Birth Island where a deoxys may be caught.

Shining Zigzagoon with Liechi Berry (Colosseum)
See the Berry Glitch above.

Jirachi (Colosseum/Channel)
See the Berry Glitch above. The Colosseum bonus disc may be fairly expensive and not easy to get (though it really isn’t rare), but Pokémon Channel (PAL version) is easily obtained and inexpensive. (Probably because no one realizes they can get a jirachi from it.) However, the jirachi is only in the PAL (i.e.; European) version.

Celebi (Colosseum)
See the Berry Glitch above. It should be possible to use the Japanese version of the bonus disc with Freeloader in order to transfer Celebi into a North American Pokémon Go/Si/Cr game. Once the celebi is saved through Freeloader it will become compatible with NA games. Hopefully, the Japanese bonus disc is less expensive than the North American one.

Swablu with False Swipe (Box)
Store 1 pokémon for a False Swipe swablu egg.

Zigzagoon with Extreme Speed (Box)
Store 60 pokémon for an Extreme Speed zigzagoon egg.

Skitty with Pay Day (Box)
Store 500 pokémon for a Pay Day skitty egg.

Pichu with Surf (Box)
Store 1,499 pokémon for a Surfing pichu egg.


Getting the Special Pokémon
Note: None of the pokémon captured in Pokémon Ranger can be transferred to another Pokémon game. The only thing (so far) that can is the manaphy egg (See Diamond/Pearl/Battle Revolution: Manaphy and Phione).

Complete the Ranger.Net mission, “Gain Deoxys’s [sic] Trust?!” to capture a deoxys.

Complete the Ranger.Net mission, “Rescue Celebi!” to capture a celebi.

Complete the Ranger.Net mission, “Find Mew, the Mirage!” to capture a mew.

Manaphy Egg
After finishing Ranger, enter one of the codes below depending on which regional version you are using. Access Ranger.Net and when it comes up on your screen, click on it. Your screen will display, “Play a special mission.” On your DS/DS Lite press the top right trigger, the X button, and left on your directional pad at the same time. Then your screen will display, “Enter the password has been added.” Tap the touch screen and wait while the game saves. Then tap the screen again and you will get the prompt, “Enter the password.” Click on the password menu and you will be allowed to enter the manaphy code. The message will appear that the mission is now active. Restart the game. Return to Ranger.Net and it will give you the option to play a special mission. The mission will be “Recover the Precious Egg”. At the end of the mission you will have a manaphy egg.
Europe: MG35-CPB8-4FW8
North America: P8M2-9D6F-43H7
Spanish and some Portuguese versions: C58F-T3WT-VN79
Japan: Special event [Yes! Japan gets hosed! ahem. I mean, aww, too bad. 08-J –Editor]

Diamond/Pearl/Battle Revolution

Nintendo released a statement detailing glitches found in Japanese releases of Diamond and Pearl. The glitches lead to players being stuck in a wall in-game and as a result, possibly losing saved data. Another glitch involves surfing through a door in the Elite Four to get to the two special islands to catch the Nintendo event-only Pokémon Darkrai and Sheimi. Nintendo will most likely fix these glitches in localized versions. Nintendo has officially released patches to certain retailers in Japan to rectify these glitches.

Getting the Special Pokémon
The items mentioned for each of these pokémon are legally obtainable by only one of two ways:
[*]One must receive them from a Nintendo Event or Pokémon Center. Occasionally, an item may be obtained from both places, but not usually at the same time. Each of these are offered for a limited time and have been known to happen only once.
[*]You must trade them from another player who has received them from the event directly, or traded someone else for it.
These items are highlighted in blue.

Arseus (Diamond/Pearl)
The player climbs Tengan Mountain to reach the Spear Pillar where Dialga or Palkia was encountered. Standing on the mysterious symbol before the pillars, an option will pop up to ask if the player would like to play the Azure Flute. After selecting yes, a flight of shining stairs will open up leading to a higher ground known as the Beginning Dimension. The player then walks along the path and Arseus will be waiting at the end of it, at Level 80.

Darkrai (Diamond/Pearl)
After obtaining the Member Card, the player will stay the night at the hotel in Mio City and Darkrai will appear in the player’s dream. When the player wakes up a diary with the location of Darkrai will be there. A sailor will take them to Newmoon Island allowing you to battle Darkrai.
There was a glitch reported that would allow the capture of Darkrai without the item, but it has been patched by Nintendo in the American release.

Sheimi (Diamond/Pearl)
Oak’s Letter is used at a white rock in Route 224 in order to unlock Sheimi’s flower-lined home, the Flower Elysium. The Elysium is a reference to the Elysium of Greek mythology, a section of the Underworld that was not dissimilar to modern day’s heaven, a land of plenty where the dead would hope to go. Sheimi appears there at level 30.
There was a glitch reported that would allow the capture of Sheimi without the item, but it has been patched by Nintendo in the American release.

Manaphy and Phione (Diamond/Pearl)
Trade the egg from Ranger to Diamond/Pearl. See the Ranger section above on how to get the egg. You may breed the manaphy to get a phione, but phione will not evolve. You may breed phione to get another phione. Like the ditto, a manaphy can breed, but cannot be bred. Which begs the question, where do manaphy eggs come from in the first place? In fact, with this impossible conundrum, the Pokémon Universe is no longer bound by natural rules or laws that make it a fictional place. Nintendo has crossed into the realm of fantasy where anything goes and they can do whatever they feel like. After all, if anything can happen for no reason then all of the rules and procedures that we have learned so far could become useless in the future at the whim of Nintendo. This is a violation of trust between author and audience and ruins the believability of the Pokémon Universe. It basically allows Nintendo to cheat whenever they feel like it.

Electivire (Battle Revolution)
If you cannot wait to get the National PokéDex so you can import and evolve an electabuzz into an electivire in your Diamond or Pearl game, follow these instructions:
[*]Go to the reception desk. Select the Profile menu.
[*]Select Profile again then select Self-Introduction.
[*]On the message input screen type the following code exactly as it appears including all caps and hyphens.


Once you’ve entered the code, select Confirm.
[*]You will be taken back to the Profile menu. Select OK at the bottom of the screen.
[*]If everything was done correctly, the receptionist will appear and tell you that you have received a special Mystery Gift. Once you get this message, go to the Shop menu, choose Mystery Gift, look for the Shocking Secret Gift, select it, then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
Instructions found at Pokémon Games.

Pikachu with Surf (Battle Revolution)
To get a level 10 Surfing pikachu complete all 10 colosseums for the first time.

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RE: My Collection of Tricks, Cheats and Glitches


Wow, thanks. 500 coins. :)

Made by Kamikaze. Thanks!
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RE: My Collection of Tricks, Cheats and Glitches

Your welcome. I started it back in 2000 or maybe earlier. If it isn’t on here either it didn’t work or I never found out about it. There are one or two that are still unverified, if anyone cares to check them out.


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RE: My Collection of Tricks, Cheats and Glitches

White Phonix, Man You are genius. You have composed everything here.Really all the points you should get. If I have the power to give you points, I will give millions of points.

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I have visited this post and read your whole article.I found that you have very good collection with very nice and helpful information which make so east for us.I think you have done very good work here.I appreciate that.

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